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Written by Marzena Kolano   

   Despite the perfect healing effects, Polinesian Noni is not a medication – it is a natural supplement, a so called 'dietetic comestible' which effectively supports treatment. That is why most physicians graduating from Medical Academies around the world are not taught about  it, not even mentioning the fact that they are not aware of its activity or the possibility of administering Polinesian Noni with other drugs. Yet, we hope that this will change with your help.




   Noni's activity cannot be compared to any natural product or to what a man has invented in laboratories so far. Science still aims at grasping the healing power of nature which was given to human beings at disposal. In the 1990's only a few doctors and scientists inhabiting Polinesian islands were aware of  Noni. In fact, it was not until 1996 that people heard of Noni, apart from the natives. However, the physicians and scientists famous nowadays for discovering Noni did not allow for hiding such breakthrough information. Doctors and experts were delighted with their research and medical experiments they have achieved until today.

   Natural – lyophilised Noni juice is the only 'protein-enzymatic bomb' known today. All the substances enclosed are carefully balanced by Mother Nature. All the ingredients of the complex mutually support their activities. The synergism of rare elements has a big influence on almost all functional mechanisms of our body. These mechanisms 'direct' an illness to healing and health. Hence, balanced Polinesian Noni's application is the best prevention. As an old Chinese proverb claims: 'A wise man does not fight a disease, but keeps working on his health.'

   While examining thousands of patients, American physicians and scientists have proved that Noni juice has healing properties and is very effective with most ordinary diseases, including cancers, as long as the illness is not advanced. But even then, one should not lose hope as there have been cases  of patients recovered from advanced cancer using NONI and other natural supplements.



Below is a list of main active substances of Noni fruit with a short description of health benefits each of these provides to human body:


Xeronine – regenerates and rebuilds cells.

Xeronine is an alkaloid that is essential for proper functioning of cells. Xeronine is produced in the body from Proxeronine and the enzyme Proxeronase to form Xeronine in the large intestine. The Xeronine is then absorbed into cells to boost cellular function.


Amino Acids  buildings blocks for proteins.

Important for most body functions. The essential amino acids are the ones our bodies cannot make and we therefore must get from our diet. Important antiseptic and anti-bacterial plant chemicals found in Noni juice. They have been shown in laboratory tests to kill pre-cancer cells, the immune response to cancer. Noni Juice contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.


Damnacanthal – stimulates the production of lymphocytes “T” type (“Cancer Killers”).

T-cells are extremely important for people suffering from cancer, or other diseases which compromise the body’s immune systems They maintain healthy skin, nerve cells, heart tissue and blood vessels and help balance mood.


Terpen free radicals' scavenger.

It is newly discovered compound that prevent cancer and scavenge free radicals. bitter cancer-fighting compound commonly found in Noni juice and citrus fruits.


Nitric Oxide body supporter.

This substance is involved with practically every major cellular or physiological function in the human body, everything from complex behavioral changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart.


Cellulose toxins killer.

Cleans our blood from different kind of toxins, reduces the sugar level, reduces bad cholesterol.


Fitonutraceutics  vital cells.

Supplement the cells. Natural substances giving nutritious elements to cells and body organs. Prevent illnesses, cancer and aging.


Fatty acids  keep your hearth healthy.

Basic element of skin, nerve cells, blood vessels, and cellular membranes.


Limonene & Glycosides  cancer fighters.

Limonene is used in food manufacturing and some medicines, e.g., bitter alkaloids, as a flavoring. Together with Glycosides is indispensable in fighting with cancer.


Selenium  molecular support.

It is toxic in large amounts, but trace amounts of it are necessary for cellular function forming the active center of the enzymes glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase (which indirectly reduces certain oxidized molecules in animals and some plants).


Scopolamine  eases the pain.

Treatment of nausea and motion sickness, treatment of intestinal cramping, and for ophthalmic purposes.



   Polinesian Noni's adhibition is not only cancer. Below is the list of health problems supported with Polinesian Noni treatment/intake. In each of the below ilnesses Polinesian Noni was found highly effective:

AIDS (the HIV virus), anorexia, alergy, asthma, arthritis, rheumatoid joints inflammation, gout, jointed-osseous system, ADHD, autism, leukemia, headache, migraine, pregnancy (toxemia of pregnancy), Cohn-Lesniowski disease, diabetes, dysbacteriosis, dystrophy, epilepsy, depression, neurosis, stress, fibromyalgia, Staphylococcus aureus, mycosis, Candida albicans, blastomycosis, tuberculosis, brain tuberculoma, hormonal disorders, infections (weak immunity), Infestation (Lamblia, human ascaris, streptococcus, pinworms, pathogenic bacteria, fungi), radicles, sciatica, neuralgia, metabolic acidosis, acidosis (acidification of the organism), poisoning, purification of the organism (detoxification), psoriasis, menstruation and other female problems, sclerosis, blood pressure, cholesterol, myomas, cysts, tonsils (inflammation), erosion, cytological disorders, whites, oothecocyst, breast cyst, high perspiration, overweight, cellulitis, addictions, neuroblastoma, pesimistic mood, kidney diseases, cancer, herpes, Parkinson's disease, prostate, shingles, gashes, burns, erysipelas, heart diseases, skin (wrinkles, atopic skin inflammation, furuncle, eczema), injuries (in sport), swellings, inflammatory state, inflammation, thyroid (Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism), lupus, cysts, tumours, excrescences, cancerogenic changes, stroke, nervous system, lack of concentration, insomnia, digestive system, Sclerosis Multiplex, cerebral hemorrhage, viral hepatitis and other viruses, stomach and duodenal ulcers, organism's contagion, sinusitis, ear and lymph node inflammation, cerebral infarction, heart failure, dental illnesses, gingivostomatitis, paradontosis, jaundice, liver poisoning, sepsis, potency problems.


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