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Recovering Disturbed Metabolism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marzena Kolano   

   Over the last couple of decades, scientists have been able to identify more than one hundred phytochemicals in noni fruit. We are still to understand scientifically how Noni works. There have been numerous animal studies and in vitro studies which show great promise. While it may be some time before clinical trials will prove noni’s benefits, a lot of people have experienced the benefits of noni for themselves.

   The fruit of the Noni plant contains two natural occuring chemicals that greatly increases the efficiencies of the human body’s ability to take in and use the natural nutrients in food. These chemicals, Proxeronine and Proxeronase, combined in the proper amounts, greatly enhance the production of Xeronine.


   This substance, first identified by Dr. Ralph Heinecke, a noted biochemist in the United States, was found to be critically essential to proper cellular function in the body. Scientist have studied the Noni plant for many years hoping to unlock the secrets of its tremendous impact on the body. In study after study, Noni has been found to be exactly what the traditional Polynesians have always know – a perfect natural gift.



  • Helps Improve General Metabolism
  • Helps Strengthen the Immune System
  • Boosts Energy Level
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Promotes Healthy Joints
  • Supports the Digestive System
  • Helps To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Inhibits the tyrosine kinase and gives noni antitumor activity
  • Contains antioxidants that fights free radicals causing many serious diseases

   Noni has many hidden aspect that are beneficial for any one’s health. It serves as a tonic and pain killer. It gives relief from several dieses like ulcer, asthma, lumbago and cancer. Noni juice is named as “Pain Killer Juice”. Noni juice is known as antioxidant and a boosting element. It is recommended by one of the best Noni scientists dr Ralph Heinicke, dr Hirazumo-Kim, dr Solomona and many others.





   From the correct functioning of our cells depends our health. If the cells function incorrectly also our organs function in an incorrect way. To keep good health we have to take care of our cells – each of them should function correctly.

   It can be possible only when the balance between inner and outer habitat is kept. A balance depends on the cellular membrane. The cellular membrane regulates the flow of nutritious elements.

   When the balance is being disturbed all nutritious elements, proteins, vitamins, trace elements cannot be absorbed by the cellular and all wastes are kept inside the cellular (they are stored and can’t go outside).

   All toxins gathering inside the cells constitute a good nutrition for bacteria and viruses. Damaged cell isn’t able to function any longer which automatically influences other cells, tissues and organs.

   Active elements of Noni juice especially Xeronine on the one hand helps healthy cells to work properly on the other hand it regenerates ill and damaged cells.

   There is no cellular that could work without Xeronine as it is the basic element of proteins which are parts of cellular membrane. Its task is to strengthen the proper flow of nutritious elements. It is produced in small amount by human body. If you’re under stress endangered by toxins (in case of taking antibiotics) the demand of Xeronine is so high that the liver cannot keep up to produce it. In the course of time our body produces less and less Xeronine. That's why daily intake of noni juice helps keeping our general metabolism in optimal balance.



Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim writes that 'However the medical effects of Noni fruit are being well known from 2000 years the effects of this plant are still being a mystery'.

The most detailed researches by Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim shows that Noni fruit contains 66 active elements among them there is early mentioned Xeronine discovered by Dr Heinicke.


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