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The Origin Of Polinesian Noni Fruit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marzena Kolano   

   The origin of the Noni fruit tree is from the Pacific Ocean and its botanical name is “Morinda citrifolia”, plant known for many years as having healing properties. It gives fruit the whole year round. The fruit is green until maturity, when it turns to a light yellow and then a translucent white.


   The fruit has approximately 8 cm in diameter, and its pulp is brownish and dense. The Noni shrub or small tree occurs in India, Asia. According to some references, the consumption was limited to times of famine due to the rather bitter taste and foul odor of the ripe fruits.


   The juice is effective in strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body from toxins, prevention and healing of many diseases such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, stomach ulcers, digestive system problems and problems with kidney function. The Noni shrub or small tree blossoms in virgin lands, generally near the sea; it grows up to 10 feet high (or more).

   In the past few years Polinesian Noni has begun penetrating countries in the West due to scientific and medical studies. Many universities around the world are conducting clinical experiments with Noni fruit and juice. Some studies have even been published to show effectiveness of active ingredients hidden in Noni fruit against many cancer types.


   The Noni is renowned for its stabilization of the blood sugar level, moderation of menstrual pains, and reduction of the need for urinating for those suffering from enlarged prostates. It also enhances the bodies healing capability unrelated to drug medication.


Polinesian Noni will push your body into hormonal balance.


   Noni increases the level of serotonin, helps depression and many sleeping problems. All cells in our body are like a factory in which thousands of processes are implemented every moment. In order to enable proper implementation of these processes, these cells need catalysts or enzymes.


   Drinking  Polinesian Noni juice enhances the killer cells activity, enhances interleukin activity, which are hormones that carry messages from the immune system cells to other immune system cells. Interleukins also catalyze the production of B cell antibodies and enhance the toxic activity of killer cells.

   Thanks to nutritious and healing abilities of seeds and pulp from Noni fruit – the Polinesian Noni juice (from CaliVita) consist of seeds, pulp (natural antibiotics and healthy oils) and about 80-85% of water. Such content of Noni juice guarantees much stronger effects than any other juices made from Noni fruit – for healing practice 30 ml is enough.

   Over the past few years, juice from the Noni plant has become available in health food stores and all over the world from Australia, Indochina to Samoa Island. However, regardless of this origin, the Noni has blessed generation of people throughout the regions where it has grown.

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